新型コロナウイルス感染拡大予防のため、ご来場の全てのお客様へ/The Current Protocol for Prevention of COVID-19


① 風邪の症状や発熱がある方
② 強いだるさ(倦怠感)や息苦しさ(呼吸困難)がある方
③ その他体調のすぐれない方、不安のある方


Atype 3名まで
Btype 5名まで
Ctype 8名まで
Dtype 12名まで
Etype 15名まで
Ftype 21名まで
Gtype   25名まで
Htype   30名まで
Itype    40名まで
Jtype 55名まで












The Current Protocol for Prevention of COVID-19 For all attendees:
Sterilisation of hands (prior and post entrance)
Further, we will reject entrance for those who are: 

1. Aware that they have a cold, or a temperature
2 feeling nauseous, out of breath (respiratory problems)
3. Not fit, or have any concerns for their health
If the above description fits appropriately to your heath, then we ask kindly for you to not enter the premises.
Also, when using the studio,Leave enough space between people,even if there is a ventilation music, please use with the door open.&For the time being, we recommend the number of passengers listed below.

Atype -3peoples
Btype -5peoples
Ctype -8peoples
Dtype -12peoples
Etype -15peoples
Ftype -21peoples
Gtype   -25peoples
Htype   -30peoples
Itype    -40peoples
Jtype -55peoples

In addition, the use of the following shared spaces will be restricted for the time being.
・ Removed cotton swabs and hair dryer from the 9th floor women-only powder room
・ B1,8,9F passage, 7F elevator front chair removed

・Maximum number of people that can be used at the same time is 3 peoples in smoking area, 10 peoples in common room, and 6 peoples in powder room.

・No eating or drinking in the common area

The staff also wears a mask and disinfects finely.

If necessary, disinfect the table, door knob, air conditioner lighting switch, etc.,

We have increased the number of disinfectants available to our customers.

The windows of the common steps, the stairs, are always open for ventilation and after cleaning the studio the doors are opened for ventilation.

We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation in order to protect the safety of our customers and staff.
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